The Founders

Dwight Scales

In August of 1998 Dwight Scales had a shared vision to create a new Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Track Club. Because the vision  was shared, he started with a group of like minded people. They were, Janice Henderson, Carla Gregg – Scales, Ernest Qadim'asil, Edmond and Brenda Burt, Andy and Michelle Abrams and Cathy James.  All of these people were instrumental in the development of the Central Texas Elite Track Club and continue their involvement.

At an early age, it was discovered that Dwight had a gift for athletics. Through guidance and preparation, his talents were developed to the point where he was able to become a wide receiver in the National Football League. This particular discipline requires a tremendous amount of running and conditioning. When Dwight received a football scholarship to Grambling State University, he was blessed to be coached by the legendary Eddie Robinson.  As a young sophomore, Coach Robinson saw that Dwight had the ability to run past all defensive backs he faced and catch long passes. Even though he knew that Dwight was a natural, Coach Robinson decided to send  him to the Grambling Track Team. This move helped to further develop his running abilities. He introduced Dwight to members of the Track Team who had run in the Olympics for their country.  These individuals were from Nigeria, Trinidad, and Jamaica. These were long sprinters who taught Dwight that running was an art form and this allowed him to refine his running and reduce wasted motion. Their philosophy was that “…you should flow like water while running and that this should be like water coming over a waterfall descending downward gradually picking up speed.”  The work with the track team showed Dwight how to strengthen specific muscle groups that allowed this his improvement to take place.  Because of their teaching, philosophy and sharing it had a direct affect on Dwight becoming a college all American and playing nine years in the NFL as a wide receiver. Through the grace of God Dwight has been allowed to teach these same techniques to many young athletes.

Over the past nineteen years, a very high percentage of Central Texas Elite student athletes in their junior and senior highs school years have been offered a partial or full athletic scholarship to Division I, Division IA and NAIA colleges and Universities.

Today, through a tremendous amount of dedication by the board of directors, parents, such as Deborah and Bobby Sams, Adrienne and Vernon Clemons and others, Central Texas Elite has become one of the most renown AAU Track Clubs in the Untied States.  Central Texas Elite athletes have, over the past ten years, consistently competed and earned Junior Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. Dwight continues to be blessed to be fortunate enough to work with so many wonderful and dedicated parents and athletes that have been a part of his life to make his vision a reality.

Children from eight to eighteen have been guided and nurtured to the best student athletes that they can be. At Central Texas Elite the     old African saying of “It takes a village to raise a child” is practiced and their motto is “In children we trust.”


Ernest Qadim'asil

Northern born from Morristown, New Jersey and southern bred 6th generation of Waller County, Texas. (Prairie View A & M)

"Coach Q" was fortunate enough to "walk-on" as a freshman varsity athlete in several spots at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. High School highlights were membership on state championship 4x400 relay. College Highlights were conference championship individually in 400 meter hurdles. Post college competition featured a 1984 bid for the U.S. Olympic Trials at the ripe old age of 32 in the 400 hurdles.

Talent is obviously a benefit, but our commitment to your children regardless of the potential is our excellence. We are a God fearing program guided by faith and advancing through prayer.

Career Highlights:

  •  Conference championship individually in 400m hurdles

  • 1984 bid for U.S. Olympic Trials in 400m hurdles