Central Texas Elite Rules


2018 Central Texas ELITE Track Club


1. The primary focus of the Central Texas Elite track program is training and development of your

athletic abilities in track and field.

2. All fees must be paid in full before date provided by Coach Nelson and are not refundable. We

do not accept cash, personal checks or money orders. All payments are made through PayPal.

3. All athletes must travel with the team on team provided transportation (i.e. charter bus is

provided), unless cleared by Coach Nelson.

4. During athletic meets, CTETC athletes must dress in "team regulation" sweats and t-shirts.

Absolutely no personal clothing will be worn whether competing or not.

5. No head wraps, do-rags, head scarves, picks, etc. will be worn during days of competition or in


6. During AAU Nationals or any travel that involves hotel accommodations, any athlete caught in

the hotel room of an athlete of the opposite sex after curfew will be dealt with immediately.

7. There will be absolutely no stealing, profanity, vulgar behavior, lying, or gossiping tolerated.

Conflicts or arguments with other teams/clubs will not be tolerated.

8. All athletes will be required to respect each other and maintain a positive/professional attitude

at all times.

9. Do not bring anything to a track meet that you can't afford to lose, i.e. jewelry, CD players,

computer games, spikes, Elite shirts, etc. CTETC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

10. No athlete for any reason should leave a track meet without notifying/consent of the proper

coach. Parental knowledge must be secured before changes are made.

11. There will be no conflicts among CTETC members. In the event of a conflict, all hostilities must

be put aside in order to function properly as a TEAM.

12. Insubordination to the Coaches or Parents will not be tolerated. This is immediate grounds for

dismissal from the program.

13. All qualifying athletes, coaches for AAU Nationals may be asked to pay a minimum

additional amount of $100 for transportation and hotel.

14. Any concerns or conflict that may arise among athletes and/or athletes and parents must be

brought to the attention of an coach. One of these designated members of the organization

MUST be present to assist in the resolution of any concerns that a parent may have with an


15. If any rules are broken, the Coaches and Chaperones will meet to discuss the issue; investigate

and make a decision. Parents will be contacted immediately if an athlete is being sent home.

The parent will assume the cost of travel for the athlete.

Kimberly Lewis